About Seshu

  • Seshu is a passionate wedding & event photographer. He graduated from Indiana University's School of Journalism and studied documentary photography at The Salt Center. He was also trained at The Maine Workshops and The Santa Fe Workshops.

    After living in India and Japan, he now calls the picturesque New England his home. He is happily married to Sangeetha and they have an adorable son named Rohan.

    Seshu's favorite colors are white, blue, black, orange, yellow, and of course 18% gray. He spends his free time listening to the news on National Public Radio and has dreams of starting a podcast. Stay tuned.

    View more of Seshu's wedding & event photography online at Pipal Productions

What Is ...

  • Wedding Photojournalism?

    "The hallmark of the concept is both perspective and attitude, based on a mandate to be truly reactive rather than proactive, and a dedication to record events as historian rather than director. Content with reality, the wedding photojournalist quietly documents while anticipating action, sensitively observing details and nuance, capturing moments without subjects actively aware of the process." – Denis Reggie, the Godfather of Wedding Photojournalism

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