> Jasmeen Patheja


I graduated from the Srishti School of Art Design and Technology, Bangalore in December 2003. A short introductory course on photography in my first year got me addicted to the medium.

During the initial 2 years I was composing images. Yes pretty pictures indeed. What did they say though? I was always the one watching; now I want to engage.

Can the camera create another experience?

I have been photographing children. The child photography project has given me the space to document how children are sexualized into being men and women.

In my work I use various media such as sound, video, performance and photography depending on the project I am working on and the ideas that originate from it I have also been trying to deal with ‘street harassment’ or ‘eve teasing’ through the project, Blank

No I do not see a theme in every photograph I have taken. I shoot what I engage with. In every moment there is a surprise.